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And the next #DrupalCon in North America will be in ..... Seattle April 8-12 2019
Wow! The next next @drupalconna will be in Minneapolis! May 18-22, 2020
The next @drupalconna will be in Seattle! April 8-12, 2019
#DrupalCon Aaron Winborn Award Winner: Kevin Thull
#DrupalConNA @aastaneh on Infrastructure Troubleshooting Secrets Revealed
Stop by the @drupalassoc booth for stickers and shoelaces. Pick up a conference t-shirt to take home for a friend (while supplies last).
Aimee Hannaford and Genevieve Parker from @hook42inc on What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up #DrupalConNA
RT @drupalcommunity: Statement regarding Tuesday’s Teamwork and Leadership Workshop at DrupalCon Nashville:
#DrupalConNA Day 3 Keynote @Amorelandra on how we are all cyborgs and The Future is Now
RT @OxbowLabs: Thanks @DrupalNYC! It was fun collaborating with @platformsh on this session.
RT @DrupalConNA: Join us at 9:00am for our third keynote “The Future is Now: Realizing Your Potential as a Cyborg” —…
RT @joebachana: Sometimes the cobbler's children do get new shoes. -- Congrats to the team at @dpcinyc for the sit…
@CasivaAgustin @DrupalConNA Thank you for your ideas - we'll share them with our team just in case.
@CasivaAgustin @DrupalConNA We need American Sign Language for 2 attendees. Do you know anyone?
RT @DrupalConNA: If you’ve had some questions since the #DriesNote, send us a tweet with #AskDries! @rachel_norfolk will be coordinating yo…
Non exhaustive list of use cases for AWS Lambda@Edge #DrupalConNA
#DrupalConNA Prateek Yadav, Vansath Kamararajan, and Woodrow Arrington on Making Headless Drupal Serverless