Life on the Edge: CDN and HTTPS Delivery in 2017

It's been possible for a while to deploy HTTPS with fast negotiation. Yet, many sites pay a heavy tax on performance by only deploying HTTPS from their origin (LAMP-style) infrastructure. In this presentation, we'll look at deployment strategies for HTTPS and CDNs -- as well as their impacts. We'll also consider how well Drupal 8 integrates with each of these models and rigorous ways to measure results.

We'll look at these deployment models:
- Just a reverse proxy cache (like Varnish)
- Traditional, asset-push CDNs
- HTTPS just at the origin
- Hybrid HTTPS from the origin for pages with CDN HTTPS for other assets
- HTTPS deployed via CDN

And we'll consider their impacts on:
- Security
- Cost
- Device compatibility
- Ongoing maintenance requirements
- Site visitor experience
- Search-engine rankings

To bring everything fully into 2017, we'll also look at:
- IPv6 and the surprising impacts on mobile performance
- The promise (and limits) of HTTP/2
- How all of these technologies and services work (or don't work) with BigPipe

This will be an updated, North America-centric version of my presentation from DrupalCon Vienna:…

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